How to Perform Brother Utilities Update

Do you know how to manage or perform Brother utilities update? You’d be surprised to know that many users may not know this. You know that they need to download and install the driver so their machine can function, but they are clueless about the update. So, if you want to make sure that you stay updated with the latest features, and your machine can run well, make sure that you do the update to keep everything runs. After all, Brother improves their products regularly because they are about customer satisfaction. But they also expect their customers to know how to do everything correctly and properly.

How to Update the Driver

Brother Utilities Update
Brother Utilities Update

If you want to update the driver, you will have to uninstall the existing one. Whether you are using macOS or Windows, make sure that you uninstall the drivers and software first. Once you have uninstalled everything, you can go to Brother’s official website and check their Downloads section. You can check this link to find your printer’s model and then download the full software and driver package.

What if the full package isn’t ready or available for your machine’s make and model? Simply install the scanner or printer driver (or even both). You can do it as long as your model can support the functions. If you are clueless about the uninstallation or the way to download, simply check the internet. Or check Brother’s official website. They provide complete guide and information to help you manage your operation.

How to Update the Firmware

If you want to update the firmware, make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. No matter what kind of operating system you use (whether it is Windows or Mac or even Linux), make sure that you have had the Full Software and Driver Package on your system. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to update the firmware.

For the firmware, you need to check this link. Once you click on the chosen link, you will see instructions on your screen. Simply follow them all so you can get successful update. Just follow all the directions to the letter and make sure that the process completes. You are done!


If there is something wrong or you have doubts about the computer, you can always check the customer support section on the official website. They are also easy to reach by email or other methods. But in overall, managing Brother utilities update isn’t difficult so big chances you may not need their help, after all.

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